In this special edition, we wanted this Emblematic International Saloon to offer a retrospective exhibition to our followers, of works by Grandmasters, which at one time or another were exhibited at the Biennale or in our Travelling Gallery  – Artistic residence worldwide.

Most of them are winners on their categories on previous biennials. Others are present here as a tribute to their talent, or to the fact of having been (or be) part of the biennial’s technical team and therefore not being able to enter the competition … owning exquisite talent.


Achu de León Kantule


Amaru Chiza

Carlos León Cruz

Cesar Lozada

Chadi Adib Salama


Dante Guevara

Darryl Brown

Dawit Kifle

Dora Parentes

Enrique Galdos Rivas

Fabián Antón Navarro

Fernando Rios

Freddy Carvajal

Froilán Cosme Huanca

Gavin Daros

Scott Hill

Gregorio Sulca

Gustavo Toaquiza

Harry Chávez

Héctor Surco

Herbert D. Calumani

Inty Muenala

Jeison Castillo

José Ruiz Tume

Juan de la Cruz

Juan José Zabaleta

Julio Quispe Virguez

Luis Edmundo Valle

Luis Falconí Quispe

Percy Gavilán

Mario Vargas Cuellar

Martin Gomez

Miguel Bolt

Miguel Tinizaray

Mónica Alvarado

Nadia Sirry

Victor Salvo

Pablo Gutierrez

Pascual Cori

Tetzin Paljor

Quintin Borda Ticona

Rember Yahuarcani

Santos Chavez

Sisay Teshome