Santos Chavez


International Drawing and Engraving Saloon.
Tribute to Santos Chavez.

The Visual Poetry of a Mapuche Engraver,

Santos Chávez’s work is of a beauty that impacts its power of synthesis, its strength to communicate from the simple. And not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from its theme; the primary life of the human being, his connection with the earth, with the wind, with the moon and the sun. He is an artist who works with the pristine in every way. His iconography refers to his childhood in the rural world, a life that he will never experience again, but that he will transform into visual poetry in each of his works. Santos Chávez traveled the world, lived in big cities like the Berlin of the GDR, but none of this affected his work, which continued to imagine and poeticize his peasant childhood in the land of Arauco.

Catalina Dib. Katary Magazine


In this exhibition of tribute to Eva and Santos Chávez, we have collected … Artworks in drawing, Xilograpgy and engraving, which have been presented throughout the different biennials that we have led,  in several of which the work has been present scored by Santos Chavez. From Argentina to Egypt a vast geography has been traveled and the results are offered to you, not only in the aesthetic value of the work presented, but in all the symbolism involved in remembering friends … even when they are gone. 

This tribute presents a collection of artwork in his tribute; a sample of tapestries by the Artist Viviana Rantul,  inspired by the work of Santos Chavez, and a short collection of the Master’s works.

We thanks so much to the Eva and santos Chávez Foundation for keep on walking by our side, to build a world of Art with Roots … but also with Wings.