• Created to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning
    • Have the virtue of being organizers of knowledge.
    • Are an alternative for multiplying the opportunities to access collective learning processes.
    • Make possible the participation of sectors that have been traditionally excluded from the existing educational systems.
    • Are autonomous and organized around their own reality.
    • Promote learning practices oriented towards the rescue, revaluing and potentializing of cultural heritage and human talent.
    • Consider in their design a wide participation, giving both range and importance to the epistemological authorities (holders of knowledge) and to ontological authorities (holders of academic degrees).
    • Not only support community functioning, but also leave a print on each person, thereby reproducing themselves.

Philosophy inspired by the principles promoted by the Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Ecuador, upon the creation of the “Amawtay Wasi Intercultural University – House of Wisdom” – which is permanently nourished and experiences and concepts which arise during our own processes.